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In the picture above you may see some of the R.L. Drake equipment that I own. On the left a UV-3E 144/430 MHz transceiver (a European version of the UV-3, lacking the 220 MHz band) and the matching PS-3 power supply. On the right we have, from the top, the bottom of a MS-4 speaker, two MS7 speakers, a TR7 HF transceiver, and R7 HF receiver (now sold). I also have, not shown on the picture, a R-4C HF receiver, a TR5 HF amateur radio band transceiver (now sold), and a number of accessories for both the 4- and 5/7-series.

Information about some of the equipment

Drake UV-3E

This is a very interesting little transceiver, the European version of the Drake UV-3. The main difference seem to be the lack of the 220 MHz band, i.e. it is a two band transceiver, and not three band as the UV-3.

Here in Sweden Drake equipment was sold by a company named Elfa (http://www.elfa.se/) and this is said to be the only Drake UV-3E that they imported into Sweden.

Drake R7 HF receiver

The Drake R7 is a 0-30 MHz general coverage receiver (yes you can tune down to 0 (zero) Hz if you like) that will give you a top performing receiver. It has semi synchronous AM detector that let you choose sideband, which is a very good feature in crowded bands. A very good tunable pass band tuning. Five different IF bandwidths; 4.0, 2.3, 1.8, 0.5, and 0.3 kHz, if supplied (The Drake R7 was delivered with only the 2.3 kHz filter, the Drake R7A added a 500 Hz CW-filter.) An extremely good noise blanker (extra for the R7, and included in the R7A.) And many many more nice features.

If you can get one of these receivers, buy it! They are very good performers. The only draw back might be the lack of computer control, frequency switching via a key board and so on. But pure RF performance is still among the best you can get.

Drake TR5 and PS75

I have put some pictures of the Drake TR5 and PS75 I owned earlier on a separate page.


There are some modifications around, especially for the R-4C receiver. I also intend to do some modifications on my own, on the TR7 and R7. You may find some information on the following pages

· 4-line
· 7-line

More information

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